The Hurricanes Booster Buffalo Wild Wings Fundraiser March 7th All Day Crystal Lake and Algonquin

Eat Wings Raise Funds

The Hurricane Boosters has partnered with Buffalo Wild Wings in Algonquin and Crystal Lake with a mouth-watering fundraising event four times a year.

This is known as a restaurant fundraiser. During our scheduled event date, we have as many Hurricane Supporters share a meal during our allotted time; after the fundraiser is complete, Buffalo Wild Wings will donate 15% of our total food ticket sales back to the Hurricane Booster.

This fundraising event has been an awesome way for us to raise money while having fun, meeting new parents and student athletes, and sharing a meal with our friends and Hurricane supporters at the same time.

It is an easy and fun way to support the student athletes at Marian Central High School by eating chicken wings, or what ever you choose, at the Buffalo Wild Wings at Crystal Lake or Algonquin March 7th all day dine in or carry out.

So lets set mark our calendars for a fun dinner out at Buffalo Wild Wings on March 7th, 2019 and help our nonprofit, The Hurricanes Booster, to provide support for the student athletes at Marian Central High School. It really is a great opportunity to encourage your group (Lady’s Night Out) to go out and have some fun while supporting our cause. See for more information.


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