Marian Central celebrates 60 years

His Excellency Bishop Lora Lane, D.D. turned the shovel to break ground on the site September 12, 1958 where Pastors throughout McHenry county along with representatives from their parishes witnessed this historic event. Tonyan Construction immediately started construction on the new school.

September 22, 1958 Marian Central Catholic High School not for profit corporation was formed with the Illinois Secretary of States office.

December 1958 more than 100 parishioners from McHenry county’s catholic parishes attended a rally that rolled out the $1,000,000 United Action Campaign to finance the construction of Marian Central Catholic High School.

At that December 4th meeting the newly formed Marian Central Catholic High School announced its first committee members. They were Joe Murray, Paul Pitzen, John W. Reilly, Leo J. Freund George Hiller and Alfred Oefling from St. Johns the Baptist in Johnsburg; George P. Freund, Homer G. Fitzgerald, Dan Justen, Willilam H. Althoff,  Albert Barbian and Albert Blake from St. Mary’s in McHenry; LeRoy M. Conway Donald P. Doherty, Donald F. Givens Robert J. Conway, Donald Howard, Herbert C. Reilhansperger and A.J. Wirtz from St. Patricks, McHenry; Charles Gerbig, Al Gort and Frank S. Zak from St. Peter Spring Grove; Lloyd Gondeck, John Gustek, Otto Kersten, Eugene McGrath, Anthony Misiak and Gerald Raske from Christ the King Wonder Lake.


heard from Reverend Eugene C. Baumhofer, Superintendent, speak about the importance of a “Christ-centered education for our teenagers in today turbulent world”. “Our young people of high school age are in the most critical period of their development” said Father Baumhofer. “One day soon these young people will constitute our parishes and our communities. We must then be able to rely on them to provide the right kind of leadership.”






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