8 Ways You Can Help During The Football Season

8 Ways You Can Help This Football Season

Each year teenagers across the country learn life lessons playing football; "Winning requires teamwork" and "With God all things are possible and when you try hard enough you can achieve anything" are just a few of these lessons.

As volunteers for the Hurricanes BOOSTER, we can help demonstrate these values by working together to prepare for their Game Night and our high school football season will be the one they/we will always remember.

High School Football is more than just a game, it is our weekly community event. This is not just for the football team, it is for the the band, the cheerleaders, the parents, the grandparents, the alumni and their fans.

Everyone is preparing months before the very first football game. Camps and Practice began for the football and cheer right after school was out. That is why we need everyone to help this season. The Hurricanes BOOSTER is made up of all different volunteers using their spiritual gifts to benefit the football season. Some of these are; the gift of their free time, others are the gift of a donation, and another may be the gift of teaching or coaching or taking pictures, or cooking cupcakes and serving others at the Team Dinner.

Below is a short version of some of the ways you can help utilize your gift while blessing the Hurricanes. If you do not see what you are interested in doing on this short list please contact us and we will find a way for you to share in the fun. Also, can click on the SignUp Now button and it will direct you to our sign up page. Every job needed to fill is listed there and what dates and times we need the help.

The upcoming budget for the football team will rely on our donations to cover the costs of items such as:

Game Day Socks

Thursday Night Meals (every week)

Game Day Meals on the Bus for our away games

Water and Gatorade for both meals

Individual Custom 24" Athlete Big Head

Team Yard Signs

  1. DONATE Gatorade cases and Water cases in a cooler help load it onto the bus before the away games

  2. Paint Football Field the week of our home games

  3. DONATE food/paper items/water and Gatorade for the Thursday Night Team Meal every week

  4. Help move the chains during the Varsity Football Game for our home games

  5. Help Serve the food at the Thursday Night Team Meal every week

  6. Donate snacks like sliced oranges for the games to help keep the boys hydrated with the proper electrolytes.

  7. Take photographs of everything during the whole season for a memory book

  8. Take video of the games for a year end video

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