Pulled Pork Competition brings with it smiles, fun and great food

Hurricane parents participated in our 1st annual pulled pork competition Friday September 7th before the Varsity Football Game.

Four entries were registered for the event, which was judged by Coach Kruse, Father Twenty and Athletic Director Price.

Each crock pot entered was given an number to help keep each recipe anonymous, and the cooks were asked to leave the judges to themselves as they tasted each one. The meat was rated from zero to 10 on Texture, Aroma, Sweetness, Spice and Presentation. Ten being the highest score and zero rated it "not meant for dog food".

Many families enjoyed the beautiful weather and outdoor music while they tailgated before the evening kick off.  It was a great way to celebrate community and relax with new and old friends of Marian.

After the judging was finished, student athletes and other parents tasted and gave their opinion for the "Peoples Choice" award.

Entry number 5 was finished entirely, leaving it difficult for others to judge it against the rest.

"I was worried that no one was going to show up, so I made two crock pot entries" said Megan Miller, this years winner. "One of the entries was straight from a box and the other I spent two days preparing".

"The texture of my entry was perfect - if you ate it for breakfast" laughed Kim Gibson with her two entries as well.

In the end, new friends were made and the event was a success, supporting a cause dependent on support from our Families of Marian Central Catholic Student Athletes.

Learn more about the Hurricane Booster's important work for our student athletes by visiting hurricanesbooster.com.

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